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About John Wehrung

Twenty-five years of experience in campaign management and public relations

John Wehrung is the founder of PenDragon Dynamix, LLC, a public affairs consulting firm in Tampa, Florida. He is the host and editor of Fog Horn Reports, an information and entertainment page on Face Book. John also co-founded Polaris Employment Network, a non-profit group assisting military veterans transitioning into the private sector workforce.

 In 1990, John started his political career in Washington, DC, working for Lee Atwater, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) as the White House Courier during the President George H.W. Bush Administration. He progressed from there to working as a bookkeeper and eventually serving as Chief of Staff for the RNC General Counsel’s Office.

After relocating to Tallahassee, Florida in 1993, John served as House Campaign Director and Political Director at the Republican Party of Florida during the administration of Governor Jeb Bush. He then became a government relations consultant representing Florida’s major Energy and Telecommunications Corporations. Upon leaving his job as a consultant, John joined the Florida Chamber of Commerce as Political Director for the before relocating to Tampa. 

During his career in politics, John had  various advisory roles on the campaigns of numerous candidates for office (four presidential, six governors, two U.S. Senate, five U.S. House and hundreds of State House and State Senate campaigns).

Professionally, John is best known for winning the “Southern Hat Trick:” He was a key strategist in turning the state houses of Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi from Democrat to Republican for the first time since the Civil War.

His most notable accomplishments are helping to boot David Duke off the Louisiana Ballot in 199 and filing the first successful Federal Elections Commission Complaint against Bill Clinton in 1992. In the 2000 Florida Recount in Bush v Gore John debunked the butterfly ballot hoax. 

However, John’s especially proud to have come up with the idea of displaying the giant U.S. flag over the entrance of the Old Florida Capitol in the days following 9/11. John's friend Barbara Olson was one of the many innocent casualties in the War on Terror as a passenger on Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon.

John presently serves on the Board of the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce, on the Board of the Rotary Club of Tampa as a Paul Harris Fellow and, Co-Chair of the Community Service Committee. His top priority has been Community Service grants for local charities that help at-risk youth, the poor, the elderly, veterans and the disabled.

After a quarter century of fighting for American freedom and individual liberty while giving back to the community, John Wehrung loves fulfilling his purpose in life. 

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